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  • Is there a minimum age for students?
    No, because Blazaar also offers reinforcement classes in languages for students of all ages


  • Can I reschedule a cancelled class?
    If you cancel a class with at least 24 hours’ notice, you can reschedule another class at your convenience at no extra cost. For more details, see our "Cancellation Policy"


  • What technical requirements are needed to log on to the platform?
    You just need a compatible browser:
    • • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10 for Windows
    • • Google Chrome for Windows (30 or higher)
    • • Mozilla Firefox for Windows* (24 or higher)
    • • Chrome for Macintosh

    For an optimal quality of our video chat we recommend:
    • • a bandwidth of 0,3Mbps for video and 30Kbps for audio.
    • • Using a headset with a microphone, in order to reduce the noises which may appear in this kind of communications, or adjusting the volume of the internal microphone to the maximum, if you do not have headphones.

    *We have detected some problems with Firefox while downloading documents on the board of our video-chat. This is an internal problem of Firefox, which can be solved with the following supportpage.


  • What happens if my teacher cancels a class?
    We offer an immediate replacement class with another teacher, if desired. See our "Cancellation Policy" section.


  • What if I cannot open my user session?
    Check whether you have entered your username and password correctly.
    If you forget your password, you can use the "Password forgotten" option.
    If there are still problems, please send an e-mail to info@blazaar.com


  • What if a session freezes during my class?
    You can restart the video chat session by clicking on the same link you used at the beginning of the session. When you reconnect, your partner will be waiting for you on his/her computer.


  • I am connected but my teacher is not. What should I do?
    You should wait for your teacher to connect. Once connected he/she will always appear on your video chat screen. If your teacher is late or does not show, you will be compensated as indicated in our "Cancellation Policy".
  • How do I set up my account?
    To create your Blazaar user account, please complete the registration form by clicking on the option at the top of the menu or on the extended menu below. Or follow this link here.
  • If I decide to stop taking classes, which were paid in advance, will I be reimbursed?
    If you decide to interrupt your classes, but still have a balance of Blazys in your favor, these cannot be reimbursed. We do recommend using them all, as there will always be a good combination of languages, classes and teachers for you.
  • Are all teachers qualified?
    All teachers are selected on the basis of their academic experience and their language teaching skills.
  • Are all teachers native speakers?
    Not all teachers are native speakers. A non-native speaker can be excellent and is more aware of the student's specific problems. A non-native teacher can be perfectly capable of conveying high-level language teaching.


  • What if the audio does not work (well)?
    If your partner can't hear you well during the video-chat, this may be due to an interference with another app.

    Please close all apps like Skype i.e.

    If the problem continues, please refresh the page using F5 (Windows) or Ctrl-R (Mac)

    You also should make sure that the browser finds the right microphone. For example if you have an internal microphone and you have tried to use an external one (turned on and turned off), you must indicate to the browser that the microphone you want to use now is the internal one.

    If our browser still does not control the microphone, please do the following steps:
    • - Restart your computer
    • - Make sure that Skype or another browser is not open
    • - Open the browser you usually use
    • - Make sure that the browser finds the right microphone. It depends on each browser, but normally while sharing it detects the microphones you have in your system, and you can change it with a simple click.
    • - : If the problem continues and the browser can’t find the right microphone, change the browser.
  • What if I lose my internet connection during a session?
    If you lose your Internet connection in the middle of a session, you can try one of these options when you get it back: - if you haven’t touched your browser, and the screen for the session is still open, try refreshing the page (F5 for Windows or Ctrl-R for Mac) - if you have closed the browser window, go back to your panel in your user area, and click again on the link for the session If you have any audio or video problem, it is possible that the browser has lost control of the microphone or the camera. In this case, close the browser and try to enter the video-conference session again using the link in your user area.
  • Video-chat General Trouble Shooting Steps
    Make sure you have the right ports open. You can check this by running our "Connectivity Doctor":

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or FireFox.

    If you have an issue with your camera, check if the camera works on a different browser. For instance, if you are using Firefox check if it works with Google Chrome instead.

    Make sure that the right camera is selected

    Does the camera work in a google’s webrtc demo?

    Does the camera work in Skype or Photobooth?

    Run a bandwidth test at http://speedtest.net. Make sure that the bandwidth is over 0,3Mbps upload and download
  • I cannot download the files that are shared with me in the videoconference chat board
    We have detected some problems with Firefox when trying to share files on the board of our videoconference. This is an internal problem of Firefox which can be easily solved refreshing the browser as explained in the following support page.