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About us

How it got started

Blazaar was created in 2014 thanks to an enthusiastic international team of language professionals and young creatives, some of whom contributed many years of experience, and others their technological knowledge to create it.

Over these years, we have come across all kinds of methodologies and students, and we therefore know that the best way to learn to speak a language is the one offered to you here today by Blazaar: a private teacher just for you, a lot of conversation and good humor!

what is it about ?

We know that you do not have much time available and that your schedule varies greatly. This means you cannot attend classes regularly, so we adapt to you and your schedule.

We also know that customized programs tend to be expensive. With Blazaar you will not only have a high-quality service, but also you will be able to adjust your learning to your budget.

We use state-of-the-art technology, with our own videoconference system with a split screen, live exercises, recording of classes, etc. You just need a good Internet connection with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

There are already hundreds of older and younger pupils, businesspeople, students and others who have placed their trust in Blazaar to learn or improve a language. Take a look at our testimonials!

We make it very easy for you:
  • You can have the class anywhere, when and with whoever you want
  • You can have a free trial session with two teachers per language
  • You only pay for the classes you take; there are no monthly or annual fees
  • You can cancel and reschedule classes without any cost
  • You can sign up for last-minute classes before a trip, an interview or an exam
  • You have access to our customer service center through our live chat

how it works

about us

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